World Energy Market Prospects 2011

A quick look at various aspects of the power generation sector for



From my expertise experience, renewables need to make greater strides before it is
truly competitive, i.e. does not need governments to distort the market. At
present, more money is to be made in the companies servicing renewable
installations than investing in them, so have a look at

Why hydro has a

I think the hydro sector has great possibilities, which in Europe will mean
upgrading generating capacity at hydro station dams along major rivers, such as
the Danube. Similar potential exists in the United States to upgrade existing
facilities in an environmentally friendly manner.

However, the main obstacle is the anti-hydro ideology amongst some environmentalists in
North America. In addition, new hydro power schemes both larges and small are
likely to be constructed in Russia, South East Asia and South America in the
next few years.

Wind prospects look good in the Arctic

As for wind, I think the proposed North African Desertec scheme has its financial, market and political problems.


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