Nicholas Newman Energy Journalist and Consultant

Modern life is impossible without energy; political prosperity and stability need new solutions and technologies to meet these evolving challenges. I am fascinated with the complexity of change in this dynamic global industry. My unique quality is my ability to give a geopolitical insight into the emerging energy challenges that face investors, consumers and decision makers.My work provides a gateway for investors and decision makers to comprehend the often-complex issues that face the energy sector in a given part of the world. I enjoy investigating the undiscovered country of new and emerging global markets and how different solutions are being applied to shared problems.I am an established energy journalist with deep expertise and experience in the technology, geopolitics, markets and policies involved in the global energy industry business.I am well versed in researching, analysing, sourcing, project management, proposal pitching and writing features, white papers, reports and news stories for a broad range of international, national, local and online business press.

Professional Memberships:Energy Institute, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, Chartered Institute of Journalism, FRSA.

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Types of Writing Available:

  • Technical writing.
  • News reporting.
  • Features & analysis.

Blog writing & social media

  • Copy-editing & proof-reading.
  • Public Relations & Copy writing
  • Book reviewing.


  • The electric power industry.
  • Mining.
  • Petroleum sectors.
  • Transport
  • Technology

Feature writing:

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Bio fuels.
  • Nuclear.
  • Coal.
  • Renewables.
  • Power grids etc.
  • Technology.
  • Policies and regulations:
  • Domestic & International.
  • European, Russian and US Energy Policies.
  • Indonesian & Australian Energy Policies.
  • Renewables policy.
  • Market reform.
  • Energy and Carbon trading etc.
  • News and analysis

Note: I am available for writing and research projects of any sort.

Nicholas Newman Mobile:+44 (0) 7776023828


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